The Federal Business Opportunities Website


The federal business opportunities website is the government website for doing business with the government. It lists opportunities that are available for business. If you want to get started with the federal business opportunities, you can continue to read on to learn how.

In case you are ready to get started for federal contracts, there are different ways to get started.  The first way is to submit your business profile to a database that the federal agencies use to locate contractors. It is just how you would send your CV to an employer and hope to get a job.  The second option is to research the available opportunities that have been presented by the federal government. If you send your resume to the government, your business profile should be registered with the system of award management or SAM. This is the database that the federal agencies use to find information about the prospective supplier. The agencies will search your business based on several factors such as size, capabilities, location, ownership, and experience.  You have to be registered in the SAM and keep updating your business profile.

If you want to search for contracting opportunities, you can consult the available government resources. You should visit the FedBizOpps: Federal Business Opportunities. This is the site that federal agencies use to communicate their purchase requirements to potential suppliers. Every other federal contract that has a value of $25000 is published at the website. They provide details on how much and the vendors should respond. For further details regarding federal business opportunities website, go to

The department of defense and various areas of the US armed forces have contracting opportunities that have been set aside for small business. For stance, the DOD allows 20% of its purchase contracts and 30% of its subcontracting opportunities to the small business each year. If you are more interested in these contractors, read on small business guide to doing business with the DOD and also the defense contracting regulations guide if you are small and disadvantaged business or women-owned business.  In case you fail to find any applicable solicitation on, and your business has a product that has a potential for the benefit the DOD, you can develop and submit an unsolicited proposal to any of the armed services directly. It is essential to register with the online registry or the Business Online Representatives and Certification (ORCA). For other opportunities, keep on checking the federal business opportunities website.


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